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It’s Been A Long Day (Kendall smut)

Ugh, I feel like such a horrible person for taking so long to post this! I made it a bit longer than my usual drabbles just for you guys.

So, yeah. It’s smut. Rated M. Sexual disclaimer. Blah blah blah.

Here you go :)


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I Love You, I Love You Not (Kendall Smut)

Not the best, but I’m not good at smut.

But here you go! :)


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Wedding Day (Kendall drabble)

I don’t really know.

It just kind of came to my mind.



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Goodnight Kendall (Kenlos Drabble)

**Even though I ship Kogan, I thought I’d write a Kenlos Drabble :)Its sad :( Enjoy! —————————————-

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Kendall Birthday Smut

I wrote this a couple weeks after Kendall’s birthday.

It’s not the best, but I’m not good at smut. I’m just an awkward white virgin kid.

Yep. :)

Here ya go. Enjoy.

-Xoxo L

Rated: M

Sexual things in the story. Don’t like? Don’t read.

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What Can I Do To Make It Up To You? (Kogan Fic) Part 2 

This is the final part.


posted 2 years ago

Kendall Drabble (Not mine)

This story is not mine! It was written for me, though :)

It’s by her :)

I love it <3

-Xoxo, LeeAnn

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posted 2 years ago

Link to my Very First Kogan Story!

Title: “What Can I Do To Make It Up To You?” Part 1


(Thanks again!) Part 2 should be up soon!

Read this! :)

Kendall Birthday Drabble (For Ashley)

Drabble for Ashley :)

Couldn’t really think of a name for it… Sorry! I suck at names.


-Xoxo, LeeAnn


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I Can Fix You (A Kogan drabble series)

Kendall finally confesses that he loves Logan. Logan admits he loves Kendall, too, but he’s too scared to be in a relationship because he thinks he’s not good enough. Kendall writes 10 letters to Logan explaining while he’s perfect. He begs Logan to give him a chance.

"I’m not good enough for you," Logan whispered. "I’m broken inside."

"I can fix you," Kendall whispered as he grabbed Logan’s hand.

Part One-Smile

Part Two-Eyes

Part Three-Lips

Part Four-Dimples

Part Five-Laugh

Part Six-Voice

Part Seven-Innocence

Part Eight-Smart

Part Nine-Hair

Part Ten-Caring